FAQS:Are you a licensed contractor?
Yes we are, RX11066846, We are a state and county licensed aluminum specialty contractor.

Do you carry liability insurance?
Yes, good question. We carry full liability insurance.

Do you have workman’s comp?
All of our employees are covered by workman’s compensation. Not only does that protect our employees, it protects you the homeowner.

Is there a warranty?
Space Coast Screens warranties its work for a period of 1 year against defects and workmanship.

I already have a patio, can I add to it?
Yes, call our office today and we would love to come give you a free estimate and go over all of your options.

Do you sub out your work?
In a word, NO.

Have you ever done business under another name?
No, We have only ever been Space Coast Screens. We have never changed owners or phone numbers.

Is there more than 1 type of screen?
There are many options to choose from. Call today for your free estimate and we will come show you all of the types of screens that are available today.
Some of the most popular types of screen are:
18 X 14 – This is your standard screen each inch of fabric contains 18 lines across and 14 up and down.
20 X 20 – This is an upgrade to your standard making it harder for insects to get in.
Florida Glass – This is vinyl coated screen , It affords your some extra privacy while also cutting back on dirt and debris.

Pet Screen – Extra protection from damage caused by dogs and cats.

Please call our office today to discuss what might be right for you.